"what I like is...or more like the person I like is...and my dream for the future is...what I hate is NARUTO."



naruto graphics - [3/?] character: sasuke uchiha

"It’s not the future I dream of anymore…only the past."

god never blessed her

summary: instead of missing something everyone else had, he’d experienced something no one else ever would. // (forest of death, sasuke’s POV)

pairing: sasusaku

a/n: sorry i’ve been mia for awhile guys!  just started college, but hopefully i’ll be back to writing more again soon (on ao3)

She is weak.  She always has been.  

He knew from the first moment he ever really saw her: when she was put on his squad.  He missed nothing.  She was intelligent but lacked the physical capabilities and nerve to act on her impulses.  Her long pink hair smelt of vanilla, she had smoothed out her dress three times since they sat down.  In thirty seconds he had decided she was more of a hindrance than an asset.  And then she spoke.  

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specialkbars asked:
your writing is perf my heart was aching when i read day ten

oh god blushing into my computer screen.  thank you so so much, you just made my day!

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i’m having major writer’s block over here sooo suggestions are more than welcome rn.  at this point nothing is off the table, go wild

all of the while, it was you

summary: "naruto resigned himself to the fact that he was going to mess that name up horribly when it came time to write it on a coffee cup.” // (coffee shop AU)

pairing(s): narusaku, sasusaku 

a/n: I am an absolute sucker for coffee shop aus and this is the result.  why.  why is the thought of ninjas making each other frappuccinos so irresistible.  anyways, this chapter is def more narusaku-ish, though both are one sided atm.  hope you enjoy!  (on ao3

chapter one: the navy mug

Sakura was happy.  After all, today was Tuesday.  

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you are such an amazing writer

AHHH I may have squealed a little when I saw this. thank you so much, it really does mean a lot.

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also, doing the ss posts may have burned me out a bit…I’ll still be doing the prompts, but probably not every single day! also, I’ll get back to updating like lightning as well ^__^


naruto graphics - [6/?] character: ino yamanaka

"I believe you have the potential to bloom into something even more beautiful than the cosmos.

day sixteen

summary: when she finally stood at a full five feet and four inches of power, it wasn’t so hard to act like she was indestructible. // (high school AU)

prompt: indestructible

pairing: sasusaku

a/n: badass sakura does not give a single fuck (on ao3)

The first thing she noticed was the way he moved.  Sure, she’d taken inventory of his sharp features: the glaringly fierce eyes, the piercing quirk of his black brow, the flat pout of his lips…and that wasn’t even taking the body he moved with into consideration (10/10).  

But, as any sixteen year old would unquestionably inform you, the way which one moves down a high school hallway is of the utmost importance.  

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day fifteen

summary: perhaps she wasn’t the only one who treasured bits of the past. // (modern AU)

prompt: her side of the story

pairing: sasusaku

a/n: I have major major problems w/ this piece, but it’s all writer’s block would allow.  sigh.  (on ao3)

Little by little, he was telling her his story.  If she merely waited long enough, it’d tumble out in tiny hints, long hidden away in the corners of his mouth.  She treaded carefully when shadows passed across his eye, but always kept her ears open if he chose to acknowledge them.  It was a waiting game, but Sakura never minded.  It had taken time to reach this delicate balance.  Initially, it’d worried her that Sasuke kept himself so closed off, but she was beginning to realize that wanting to tell her came easier than the telling.  From the shattered pieces she’d collected of his story, she knew it would not be a pretty one.  

But she knew that Sasuke was planning to tell her.  So he was planning on keeping her around.  She would wait, as long as he was around.

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